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The sun’s rays is a free, clean and readily available source of energy. Our goal is to educate and implementation of dedicated solutions for individuals and businesses. Photovoltaics is one of the fastest growing renewable energy industry trends. We complete the process, including consultation, equipment selection, preparation and execution of projects. Complete our projects is a great convenience for the customer, as a single entity is responsible for the entire investment process. Photovoltaics is a specialty of our company. The range of products on offer Pure Solutions is wide. More information on the implementation of projects and partnership opportunities can be found in the “Products” menu.



Solar panels are used to heat water for household. Photon energy is used to heat the glycol circulating in the coil of the collector , which is then sent to the tank to heat water . The funding for the bank loan in the amount of 45 %. You can use this easily accessible technology. In this section you will find information on the types of collectors and ways of implementation of collectors in various conditions.

Subsidies for solar collectors

Benefits : To reach the ground within 15 minutes of the potential of solar energy , which would be enough to cover the annual energy demand of civilization for a period of one year . Use this free and generally accessible sources of energy can have a significant effect on improving the quality of life and reduce negative impacts on the environment associated with the acquisition of energy. Examples of developed countries show that solar energy can be a significant element influencing the reduction of production costs of fossil fuel energy and a positive effect on the balance of emissions of harmful gases such as CO2 . In Poland, the share of traditional

Solar panels are a great alternative to conventional energy sources are constantly increasing in price . They are environmentally friendly and can perfectly support the household budget . Through the use of renewable and freely available energy source , there is the opportunity to save significant amounts of household spending on target warm water . Calculation of profit in relation to expenditure incurred is for personal matter for each investment. Reimbursement for the use of solar energy typically occurs usually after 5-8 YEARS . With proper assessment of return on investment in solar panels should take into account the environmental conditions , the cost of purchase , number of persons in the household , system performance , etc.

Who can apply : The specific subsidy may apply for individual investors in the program : 5.1. Part 3 Subsidies for partial repayment of bank loans for the purchase and installation of solar collectors. In the form of grants frequently decide to individuals or residential community wishing to use solar energy to produce hot water. The subsidy is 45 % of the cost of purchasing and installing the system for the installation of a non-commercial . It is possible to receive funds for commercial purposes but in this case the value of the subsidy drops to 20 %.

On what basis : The program is organized in cooperation with selected banks and relies on grants to loans for the purchase and installation of solar collectors . Agreement with the Contractor shall include the obligation of mounting the installation of solar panels in accordance with the applicable laws and the manufacturer’s installation of solar collectors and guarantee the correct operation of the installation and determine the value of reduction of duties for granted by the beneficiary discounts, rebates , refunds , rebates or other similar forms of deduction claims , as promised to the beneficiary after the project , for their use.

Financing is subject to not only the collector but also the elements of the broader concept as design , installation , controls, pump , etc. As part of the grant can receive 45 % return on capital cover a bank loan. The grant is awarded on the basis of submitted within the relevant bank documents .

List of banks cooperating with the National Fund under the grant for the purchase of solar collectors:

Environmental Protection Bank SA ,
Polish Bank BPS SA ,
Commercial Bank Wielkopolski SA ,
Krakowski Cooperative Bank ,
Mazowiecki Bank Regional SA ,
Warsaw Co-operative Bank ,
Who funds charge: National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Grants for partial repayment of bank loans are granted on the conditions specified in the priority . Program Priority is determined , inter alia, program budget , the amount of the grant application deadlines and specific criteria for selection of projects , and also indicates the eligible costs of the project, which may be covered by the loan.

Other requirements: Requirements to qualify for a grant must meet both the customer and the manufacturer . The offered products must have appropriate certifications . Application submitted for a grant must have a research report on compliance with DIN EN – 12975 -2 , made ​​by an accredited testing laboratory and the current certificate of conformity issued by an accredited certification body or a European certificate for the mark ” SOLAR KEYMARK ” given by an accredited certification body . Each case is an individual example and as such is analyzed by the relevant institutions accepting the application and granting of subsidies.


Wind energy

Wind energy perfectly fulfills its function as a renewable energy source in Poland and abroad. It is one of the most common methods and by the overall access to the wind almost everyone can benefit from the forms of power. Currently, wind energy enjoys considerable popularity as wind farms and individual home sewage plants grow like mushrooms after rain. With Pure Solutions have the opportunity to join the ranks of people using renewable energy and enjoying the cheap and clean energy.